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I really do wish the writers wouldn’t juxtapose Klaine and Finchel like this. They’re not the same. Rachel and Finn are classic teenage sweethearts who barely have anything in common when they’re attending the same high school, and certainly don’t have anything in common six months out of high school, and yeah, that’s a hard reality, but it’s real life. Kurt and Blaine, on the other hand, are the real damn deal, and ten years from now, they should be telling their daughter the story of Prince Warbler and his Teenage Dream while walking their Bichon Frise through Central Park and eating ice cream.

Heather Hogan on the difference between Klaine and Finchel (x)

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I want to see how many people actually believe Klaine will be okay, reblog if you think they will get back together soon



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Klaine is endgame pass it on






NINE MILLION NOTES???????????????  Has Ryan seen this???????

Could we get it to 10 million before Glee comes back?

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I’ve made this.

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Do you want to know how I picture the end of my life? Just like in The Notebook: I’m sitting in a nursing home, talking endlessly about my high school sweetheart; my first love. Only, in my version he’s there with me      

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But what are you promising? [x]

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The Box Scene: It Changes Everything


Now that we’ve reached the end of the season and eagerly await the next step in Kurt and Blaine’s journey, The Box Scene presents an interesting, riveting, and moving perspective not only of the relationship of two boys in love, but also of a show and the viewers it serves. 

It changes everything.

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What are you promising?

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