As soon as I became accustomed to skating with Charlie and being able to hold his hand while I was competing and dealing with the pressure with someone standing next to me, I no longer enjoyed standing in the middle of the ice without that hand to hold on to.

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America’s thinkin’ of England

If he did not really care about England he wouldn’t pretend that England’s food was delicious, although he already knew France is much better at cooking. Further more his character’s always telling the truth but he would lie because of England.

And don’t forget those blushes on America’s cheek when he thought of England’s smile. Oh my


Will you marry me?


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[30 Day NSFW Challenge] Day 18: Morning Sex (USUK, Poetry AU)


Yes, yes, I know that 18 doesn’t come after 2, but I do what I like and I have about 0 motivation to write for the prompt “First Time” and also its maple-rose-kisses’ birthday today, so I wanted to give this little ficlet to her!

(I’ll get back to doing things in order as soon as someone can tell me how to make first-time interesting….)

As per your request, dearest, Poetry AU with morning sex ;) Happy Birthday, maple-rose-kisses!

This takes place during the main story arc…on the last day of finals.


Making Time

Alfred rolled over, flung out an arm and startled awake when his elbow made contact with an unexpected shoulder. It was still so new, this thing with Arthur, that Alfred went to bed half-believing that the way they kissed and touched until they fell asleep was one of his fevered day-dreams and he woke up expecting nothing more than the cool expanse of an empty bed. It had only been weeks since that afternoon in England and there was still something startling and amazing in waking up to find that Arthur’s warm skin and frowning mouth were within reach. 

The owner of the shoulder grunted and gave him a sleepy glare before burrowing his head in the pillow and yawning loudly. Alfred bit his lip to keep from laughing because he figured it wouldn’t do to add insult to injury before 8am and tried to make up for the rude wake-up call by curling around the S-curve of Arthur’s body and murmuring a rough:


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[30 Day NSFW Challenge] Day 2: Kissing While Naked (DenNor)


Day 2: Kissing (Naked)—DenNor

Oddly enough, these PG-13 prompts are harder to dream-up because every time I decide on a scenario in which nakedness would be happening, it bumps up against one of the other prompts, ha ha!

Anywho, another schmoopy, romantic drabble before tomorrow’s prompt starts with the naughtier business.

Close Attention

On Sunday morning, Denmark wakes to a kiss pressed to his shoulder blade and a single mumbled word:


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More sweet USUK from ! I’ve already translated a similar strip of hers, but this was just too cute to pass over. Enjoy! (=ヮ=)૭

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Imagine your otp just hanging out, sitting in silence. Person A looks at person B and smiles. Person B looks away, blushing all the while muttering about “that idiotic grin” on the other’s face. Person A then laughs and takes Person B’s hand into theirs, interlacing their fingers. Person B is tense at first before they slowly relax into the small sign of affection.

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Can You Feel the Love Tonight? by KerriNikolePhotography on Flickr.

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happy together

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